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Fake Laser equipment

Caveat Emptor! - Buyer Beware!

A sailor at Stokes Bay SC swapped some Laser parts for what he thought was a genuine new Laser Radial sail. The patch at the tack said 'Laser', so it wasn't a replica sail. He therefore thought it was a genuine Laser sail.

On closer inspection he saw that it did not have a Laser button at the tack, and the blue patches weren't quite right.

So he asked me. Knowing that Laser has sometimes had issues with suppliers, or spec changes might not have been communicated effectively, I checked with ILCA. Suddenly this looked like a fake. And it is. Judge for yourself:

Please be aware that there are more Laser fake sails about. A fake Standard-rig sail was recently reported in with the same batten-pocket reinforcements, so there may even be a few dodgy 4.7 sails too. Please report any instances to me in the first place, or to the UKLA office.

If you are approached by someone offering to buy/swap a genuine sail, please try to find out who the seller is before you commit yourself.