Laser Measurement

Welcome to the Laser Measurement section. My aim is to help you set your Laser up within the strict ILCA rules for Laser racing. It's a real bonus to get scrutineering out of the way, so you can get out on the water and practise before the event starts. It can be a major hassle if your Laser fails scrutineering. It not only wastes your valuable preparation-time, but it can be quite off-putting as you prepare for the competition. So get everything right before you turn up.

The Measurer's job is about making sure that your success in Laser racing is properly earned, that if you win you deserve it because of your sailing skills, not because you've been able to set your boat up in a way that gives you an advantage. Some rigging rules might seem pointless, but anyone who's raced these boats even for a short time soon learns that even a small technical advantage over other boats can translate into a big gain. That's why a few sailors try to 'improve' their boats, and in almost all cases that's against the rules. Laser racing is between sailors, not between boats, whatever the ISAF Rules say.

I don't deal with every Laser Rule, but I try to deal with the most common misunderstandings about what is allowed under the rules, and what isn't. If you have a Laser Measurement question, please email me, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can with an answer. I may have to confer with Jean-Luc Michon, the ILCA Chief Measurer, especially if it is a matter of interpretation.

Download the up-to-date ILCA Rules PDF from the ILCA website. (© ILCA)